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There are two ways to support VOX 3 Collective:

  1. Make a tax-deductible donation to support the group’s general operations
  2. Sponsor a concert, a pianist, or a singer – and make the music happen!

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VOX 3 Collective is the only Chicago organization that specifically focuses on the cultivation and preservation of a vibrant art song tradition. From its inception, the group has actively worked to unearth and perform rare repertoire, while creating connections between artistic disciplines, historical periods, and diverse cultures.

Because of its emphasis on fresh talent and intimate, imaginative performances, VOX 3 Collective keeps costs low to make the most out of its donations.  Thus, with your support, VOX 3 is uniquely poised to succeed in its mission of bringing quality art song, opera, and cabaret performances to the Chicago area, while educating performers and audiences alike.

Many thanks to the donors and partners who keep our organization alive!