VOX 3 Collective initially headed into the recording studio (Uptown Recording) in August 2012 to document new works in the art song genre.  The project, funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, resulted in two full albums.  The first, New Song, features music evocative of urban life, alongside new interpretations of familiar authors such as Shakespeare and Sandburg.  The second, Spirit Within, documents the collision of sacred and profane in modern spirituality. The majority of these pieces were written for members of the ensemble, and premiered throughout the group’s first five seasons of programming.

A live recording from the group’s sixth season followed, featuring a pairing of Requiems by Fauré and Gillespie.  In Paradisum features the premiere recording of Amos Gillespie’s Honor Requiem, a large but accessible work written in 2009 and revised in 2012.  The album was recorded live at Chicago Temple, with the choir and orchestra conducted by James Morehead, choral preparation by Christopher S. Owen, and Alexander Kirillov at the organ.

All VOX 3 Collective recordings are available on CD or as a digital download through CDBaby.