New Music & Premieres


In addition to the many great works from the past that VOX 3 Collective performs, the company has presented the world premieres of numerous songs, cycles, and larger works.  With a particular focus on championing new vocal works by Chicago and Midwestern composers, the following list is a sample of the pieces in our repertoire. There are also links to the websites of the various composers and poets with whom we have been affiliated.

If you are interested in collaborating with VOX 3 Collective on a piece in development, please contact us.  Should you desire a score for any of the works listed, let us know.




  • Silberstein: “Love’s Philosophy”
    (Text: Percy Bysshe Shelley)
  • Wahl: “I Work”
    (Text: Anonymous)

Song Cycles

  • Gillespie: Circle Dance Music
    (Text: Philip Dawkins)
  • Gillespie: Judith
    (Text: The Apocrypha)
  • Gustafson: Morning Commute
    (Text: Ashlee Hardgrave & James Morehead)
  • Malmquist: The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene
    (Text: The Book of Mary Magdalene)
  • Moore: Four Shades
    (Text: Randall E. Moore, after The Bible)
  • Moore: The Lake
    (Text: Randall E. Moore)
  • Rudolph: Third Night
    (Text: August Strindberg)
  • von Rueden: Nameless
    (Text: Aaron DeLee)
  • West: Judith
    (Text: Anonymous Old English)
  • West: Skin
    (Text: Matthew Hittinger)

Larger Works

  • Gillespie: Honor Requiem
    (Texts compiled by Judith Ann Prescott)