Most of the organizational and administrative work needed to run VOX 3 Collective is handled by its members. Dedicated to advancing the appreciation of vocal art music, these persons put in countless hours behind the scenes, in addition to their appearances on the concert stage. The artistic side of the company is managed by Ashlee Hardgrave, while the administrative side is led by Myron Silberstein.


Ashlee Hardgrave, Artistic Director
Brian von Rueden, Artistic Director Emeritus
James Morehead, Music Director
Kathryn Wills, Associate Programming Chair
Catie Huggins, Education Chair & Librarian
Oliver Camacho, Associate Education Chair



Myron Silberstein, General Manager
Megan Cook, Company Manager
Magaly Cordero, Finance Manager
Laura Perkett & Laura Pinto, Grants Managers
Elizabeth Shuman, Marketing Manager