VOX 3 Collective focuses on creating diverse thematic programs of vocal music. Previous programs have highlighted works with texts by Shakespeare and Strindberg; premiered new song cycles by Chicago artists; sampled works by gay or female composers; featured songs from Russian, Filipino, Greek, Latin American, and Scandinavian traditions; and even spun medical-themed pieces into a crazy cabaret. As music ventures off the well-trodden path, it gives us a chance to learn and grow as a company, then share this new material with our audiences.  In order to become acquainted with the latest crop of bright, talented Chicago-area musicians, VOX 3 Collective holds company auditions as needed to expand our roster.

We are interested in working with musicians who demonstrate both excellence in performance and curiosity about the vast and often untapped expanse of vocal repertoire. An ideal member of VOX 3 will have a musical axe to grind, a unique body of work he or she feels called to champion, and a zest for fashioning fresh programs that combine repertoire from diverse languages and time periods. Both classically trained singers and collaborative pianists are welcomed and encouraged to audition.

Those interested in auditioning generally are asked to prepare a total of four vocal works based on the following criteria:

  1. One art song from standard 19th or early 20th century French or German repertoire
  2. One art song from a contrasting language and period (less traditional; be creative!)
  3. One other solo vocal work (arias and cantata excerpts are acceptable)
  4. One musical theatre, jazz, or pop selection

To keep informed about VOX 3 Collective audition dates and news, please contact us.